Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally updating!

After months and months of negligence I am finally updating the blog! I've been living on my own now and there are a few things I've really liked making:
  • Quinoa and almond muffins from Veganomicon - These were great when I brought them to a potluck. I made a batch of them early on in the school year and have kept them in the freezer to stick in my lunch whenever it doesn't have quite enough food. I've started getting requests to bring them places!
  • Mung bean daal using a recipe from one of Madhur Jaffrey's books - It is ridiculously easy, requires no chopping, and is completely delicious. I've used it as a spread on tortillas.
  • Red lentil and quinoa cutlets - These I made on my birthday and loved, loved, loved them. They take a while because you have to boil the lentils and quinoa, wait for it to cool, and then bake, but they were so worth it. I will be making a double or triple recipe next time and freezing them so I can eat them forever. I'm also planning on making these for Thanksgiving this year, with some of my mom's gravy!
And, the biggest discovery:

Last night I decided to make some bourekas, since I'd gone to a potluck a couple weeks ago where someone brought the most delicious homemade bourekas. I was looking for a mushroom recipe, and I came across this recipe. I didn't think much of it, until I sent my sister the link so she could re-create their awesomeness and took a good look at the URL. I know the person who wrote the recipe! I was so excited about it that it inspired me to update. I have been checking out the rest of the recipes here and am hoping to use some for some more Jewish recipes sometime.

All for now! I'll hopefully have more updates soon.

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jovaliquilts said...

You know, I happen to have some red quinoia and some multi-color quinoa direct from Berkeley Bowl -- will have to try those patties!