Thursday, April 9, 2009

Veganizing Passover

Happy Passover!  (I'm not sure that's what you are supposed to say.... someone please educate me if there is a more appropriate greeting!)  J and I did our own little mini seder yesterday.  Here is what we had:

Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup w/flaxseeds--these were great!  J and I like denser and chewy matzoh balls, so this was a great recipe for that.  We even used w.w. matzoh meal for the first time without any detrimental effect.

Last year, I tried a matzoh ball recipe with tofu, and they were the opposite--very light and fluffy. Also, since tofu is technically not so kosher for passover, so the flax seed recipe is nice to have in the repertoire...

 Latkes from a mix--J prefers these to homemade latkes, and it is a million times less work, so that's how we roll...  We used flaxseed to replace the egg, and it worked really well.  (1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp water for each egg) We were both impressed.  

Cauliflower leek kugel with almond herb crust (has tofu) was a favorite from last year.  I boil the cauliflower instead of steaming it.  I'm sure it works either way.  For us, it's a keeper.

If anyone wants one of the vegan matzoh ball soup recipes, let me know.  They are both from the folks at the PPK and can be found on that website with a little hunting.  I also use their vegetable broth recipe when I make it, which is a fantastic complement.

As you can see, our version of passover includes soy products.  It makes my life A LOT easier, since I don't like to cook with eggs or dairy at home.  J is lactose intolerant too, so it works for both of us :).

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Ribbit said...

OOOOH! you're about as Jewish now as i am vegan :)
Happy passover!
Yours sounds like quite the feast, esp for two. I was a little wary of putting in effort this year, but you've just way upped my interest and appetite. We're doing ours this Saturday.
I'm making the charoset and the maror (i grind my horseradish fresh), and apparently, leek casserole. :)
And I'll definitely be using that matzo ball recipe sometime in the future. I think I like fluffy, but we'll see.