Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sushi, bokchoy,enchiladas

Again, I'm falling far behind on both cooking and eating. But, for once, it's because I'm catching up on school! so, yay.

Let's see, recent successes decidedly worth repeating:

I made the v-con sushi and it was, as Jasmine said of it, the hit of the party. I wouldn't have thought to try it (doesn't sound that special to me) if not for your comments on it, so thanks a lot! I didn't have seitan, so just replaced that with the broiled tofu. I also left out the mayo, which I feel made it a little too dry, but nobody complained.

I made the baby bok-choy from v-con and my test subject looked thoroughly surprised and said "wow, this is better than any boy choy i've ever made!" (he loves bok choy). His surprise was lessened when I admitted to using a recipe, and "exotic ingredients like mirin", but I was still happy.

Recent failures:
I made the vcon enchiladas. These were kind of cute, and certainly not unpleasant, but I didn't really care for them. Luckly Guy ate most of them (there was a huge amount) and seemed to like them. It may just be because I don't like any of the ingredients (except for the roasted peppers) that much. But, I was kind of turned off of cooking for a while after making these. It took me over a week to recover and make the two things above. Maybe I ought to stop making huge quantities of things... but it *was* worthwhile with the moussaka.

I made the "muffin donuts" from vcon and didn't like them that much. They weren't really bad enough to classify as failures, but I prefer plain muffins. Some people did seem like them, but I won't be making these again.

Your reviews are so helpful. Next in the lineup (and some have sat there for a while) are the roasted cauliflower soup, the spinach paratha, and the irish soda bread. I know I really ought to be making lentils, but I just don't have the enthusiasm for them.


Jocelyn said...

Those sound good! (at least, the first ones ... :) )

What are you cooking for passover? Are you using any recipes I can steal?

jasmine said...

I'm glad you had fun with the paratha! I'm a fan of the enchiladas... oh well.