Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super Fast Indian

I would never say that this compares to fragrant, homemade Indian food, the kind that simmers all afternoon and drives you crazy with the smell. But it is good and, sometimes even more important, it is fast and easy.
About a year ago I bought two jars of Indian sauces at Trader Joe's. There has never been a time I wanted to use them, guess I just thought they couldn't be that good. Finally, because we had some other leftover Indian, I decided to try one to round out the meal. It's really tasty! I took a pound of tofu, cubed it like paneer, and browned the pieces in a little oil. I poured the sauce over and let it simmer a few minutes then served it over rice. Tasty! This jar was Trader Joe's Masala sauce. I also have a jar of TJ's Korma sauce, which I'm now eager to try. Seems like these might be good shelf staples for last-minute meals.

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The Calico Cat said...

TJ used to have a sauce that I really liked - vegeterian "gumbo" but they don't make it anymore...