Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Easy Baked Tofu

These two sauces make great baked tofu!
I already posted here about using jarred Indian sauces for making a quick tofu dinner. But a couple nights ago I found that by diluting the jarred sauce with a little water (if necessary), it made a great sauce for coating tofu before baking. I cut two 1-pound blocks of extra firm tofu crosswise into 12 slabs each and dipped the slices from one pound into the diluted Indian sauce and used the LaChoy Garlic Ginger sauce (undiluted) for the other. I fit all the slices onto one baking sheet and baked them at 400 for 20 minutes, turned the pieces over, and popped them back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Delicious!!! I think I liked the leftovers even more -- they make great sandwiches and are delicious eaten just as is. So easy, so good. And I love getting 2 full pounds of tofu on one baking sheet. You could also cut thicker slabs or cubes, or triangles, or any shape you want.
Garlic Ginger Tofu (left) and Madras Curry Tofu (right)

I can get 2 pounds of tofu from each bottle of the LaChoy sauce and probably about 4 pounds (more?) from each bottle of the Pataki sauce -- and both sauces keep a long time in the fridge. Now I'm on the lookout for other prepared sauces for quick meals. Let me know if you've tried any that you like!

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jasmine said...

yes, this is a great time saving idea. I've done it with bbq and teriyaki sauces before.