Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beets -- and testing notification

I just put in JJ's, V's, and my email addresses to send this post via email (I don't have Ribbit's and Jasmine's emails) and wanted to test it. Thought I'd share these beet photos I took last summer as long as I was posting.
Isn't this a lovely variety? They were just gorgeous and tasted great, too.
We don't eat beets many ways except roasted. Those are sooooooo good in a salad! Roast some beets when the oven is on, and then you have them for several days in salads.

A few years ago I made a wonderful beet with beet tops dish using fresh baby beets and a recipe in the Victory Garden Cookbook. I got that cookbook around 1982 and it's fabulous. Still available on Amazon, and with 46 reviews it has 5 stars.

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