Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Awesome Dinner

[Pictures when I get them off my camera]

Last night for dinner, I made the Curried Carrot Dip and Broiled Tofu recipes, put them on a whole wheat bun with some steamed kale and nutritional yeast ... it was truly incredible. This was a really, really, really great dinner, and I may have eaten 2/3 of a pound of tofu because I just couldn't stop. This was really great.

You know what else was great? I came home on Tuesday to a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! Thank you ribbit. :) I just made my first batch - I made the Agave Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry frosting! I haven't had one yet - we will see how they go.

More updates as I get pictures/have time to write!


jovaliquilts said...

Oh, yes, I want pictures!! Glad you liked the Carrot Dip (I feel personally responsible for having recommended it), and the tofu does sound incredible. Yum!
You posted after I did, but it showed up before my post. When you have a long time between starting and posting, you can go into options (at the bottom left of where you draft your post) and change the time to the posting time. It always posts at the time you STARTED your post.

jasmine said...

Sounds tasty! My mom also loves the broiled tofu recipe. I haven't made it because I don't really have a broiler.