Friday, February 27, 2009

Mac N Cheese; Thai Peanut Stirfry

So I still haven't gotten around to the Indian food, but I made two quicker recipes for dinners this week.  And I obviously have no photo skills whatsoever, so I apologize for that.  

I made the Mac n Cheese from Veganomicon on Wednesday and it was great.  J and I liked it a lot, even though J is not a big fan of nutritional yeast.  So I would recommend that recipe if you want a lower-fat vegan mac & cheese option.  (The one on veganyumyum is loaded with Earth Balance!). 

And then we made this recipe last night for tofu and vegetables in Thai peanut sauce.  It was simple and pretty tasty.  I stir fried the veggies instead of steaming them, and omitted the coconut extract, but otherwise followed the recipe as written.  I would probably make it again.  


Jocelyn said...

Ok - you've inspired me. Mac Daddy tonight!

Ben & I just made the pumpkin spice waffles and we had a really hard time getting them to the right consistency. I'm thinking either a) our waffle iron from the 60s just doesn't cut it, b) I have no idea how to use a waffle iron or c) the recipe batter is too thick. Did you have a problem with them? What did you do?

jasmine said...

the vegan with a vengeance recipe? i don't know what happened. i have a belgian waffle iron (that is pretty new) and it works really well. The batter is thick, but we spread it around the iron with a silicone spatula and it always rises up nicely and cooks through. (It takes a long-ish cooking time. Our iron has different cook settings from 1-6 and it takes about a 4.5.) We actually made them this morning and Eva and her friend were visiting and they were a huge hit!

jovaliquilts said...

I'm very curious about this Mac n Cheese, gonna have to try it.