Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Curried Carrot Dip (Veganomicon)

Yum! We all really liked this -- Brian and Val are both taking it for lunch tomorrow. Guess I'll have to make more for me.

What I did
I followed the recipe as written except:
  • I substituted almonds for sunflower seeds, because I love almonds and I like their fatty-acid profile (and, well, I didn't have any sunflower seeds...).
  • Canola oil replaced the grapeseed oil (which I also didn't have).
  • I used Penzy's Maharajah Curry Powder. I imagine the particular curry powder used would make a noticeable difference in the flavor.
  • I used a food processor, not a blender.
Normally I don't care for curry dips. Val said the same, but this one has a lovely flavor. Freshly made, the lemon flavor is strong, but after just an hour in the fridge, everything melded together. (That is, whatever was left after my several samples of the freshly made dip!) This is very easy and can -- should -- be made in advance. We spread it on leftover naan and onion kulcha, but it'll be spread on rye bread for lunch tomorrow.

And it's true, carrots improve eyesight! I couldn't find my Veganomicon, decided I never really owned it, and got a new copy. But while munching on Carrot Curry Dip at dinner, I glanced at the bookcase, and what to my wandering eyes should appear... Lucky Val, after dinner she was given her own copy of Vegonomicon.


Jocelyn said...

Oooh that looks good. I love the dish!

Ribbit said...

btw I really like the part about Val getting a Vegonomicon for herself thanks to the carrots. In the hands of your family, these books seem to work like amebae! (for which, Jocelyn, i'm incredibly grateful!)